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Default Re: Middle Ages: Way of Life

"They call me Naomi," she replied. "And your scent tells another story, a different one then what your saying."

"Well... Give me a reason to tell you what my true story is Naomi," retorted Aurora in a dark voice. She didn't know the reason why she said that but it felt good, in a way. Aurora felt power of some sort being built inside of her, and wanted more.

Is this how a vampire feel? No wonder they're dark and horrible... It feels good in a way though. I like this power and darkness that is flowing out of me. It makes me feel more relaxed. I need more...

Without noticing it, Aurora was getting a dark aura around her. Her eyes were changing. The red tint around her pupil seem to expand and was now covering most of the lavender that was now her regular eye color.
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