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Default Re: Middle Ages: Way of Life

Aurora walked forward but she still had her head turned towards the mansion she used to live in. She was expecting a feeling of guilt or homesickness that would make her turn back and forget everything but, nothing happen. In fact, she felt a bit happy leaving that horrid place. The mistress of the house always gave her dirty looks and spoiled her children rotten. She may looked goregous on the outside but she was a hag on the inside. The same for her children. Her husband was overweight and had always have money falling out of his pockets full of gold. He was as selfish as the rest of them. The reason she was so skinny and had barely enough food to keep herself from starving was because of him. He usually ate his whole plate in five second! She was so jealous that the old maid had retired. Without her, her life was even worse! Never mind that now, she was leaving that place. She would never have to go back again.

Aurora was so in her thoughts about leaving she didn't noticed the girl in front of her. She walked right into her, causing both of them to fall on the floor.

"Ow...." She moaned before getting back up. She then took out her hand and held it out to the girl. "I'm terribly sorry, are you okay?"
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