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Default Re: Middle Ages: Way of Life

Running past a noble family's estate, a blur of black and silver could be seen only for a second. The howls and snarls of blood hounds sounded in the background. A shout was heard, from a young man. His words couldn't be made out, but the sounds of the dogs went silent. The hunt was called off.

Standing behind a tree, a girl stood, panting. That was close... she thought. She wasn't a human girl, if it wasn't obvious that she was being hunted moments before it was called off. She dusted herself off and cleaned the blade of her sword on the grass, a token of her teacher, who was killed.

She then glanced around her surroundings. Her silver hair glowing in the full moon light, her navy eyes had a blue glow as well. Normally, before she received proper training, she would appear in a different form under the full moon, but now she had control.

Fancy estate... I hate nobles. They think they're the best of the best, she snarled in her mind. Nobles would do anything for her pelt and/or head, if she appeared to them in her other form, that is. For now, the girl decided to lay low and stay in the wood, where she felt comfortable.
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