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Default Middle Ages: Way of Life


Vampires, elves, humans, wizards, dragons, even furry magical talking creatures are together on this adventure! Though no everyone has the same goal. A couple of them are looking for their history and who they are, others are looking for revenge. Many in the group are looking for their loved ones, and a few are sent out to complete a mission. Some might just want protection but not all are in peace with the group. Many lurking around want to kill the members of the group for fun or something much more.... Whatever it may be, the group adventures are in the harsh middle ages where they are muggers, magical creatures and no hygiene...

  • All PE2K Rules
  • No Godmodding or bunnying without permission.
  • No Flaming or Disrespecting members.
  • Romance is allowed but no Rated-R stuff. Same for the action. There can be blood, just no Rated-R stuff.

Now we begin!

She sighed as we walked past the mirror. She turned her head to glance at the crumpled up note that was posted onto her mirror. She took it up and held it up towards her eyes, hoping to actually understand parts of it. Unfortunately, she still couldn't understand. As a slave girl, she wasn't given the right to read, mainly because many people thought that slaves were vermin. She sighed once more before going over to her small and uncomfortable bed. She laid on top of it and looked towards the window. The moon was full and this marked her 16th birthday, or so her noble family said. She stood up and trudged towards the window staring at the luminescent moon. A light mist surrounded her as she kept staring at the moon. The mist got heavier and brighter, causing her blind with the insidious smoke. She realized her body was changing as soon as she felt pain all over her. After what seemed like a minute, the white mist disappeared, leaving her alone on the floor. As soon as she realized what had happened, she went towards the mirror to see what had happened to her.

Her hair became more bouncy and the gray streaks that she had were turned into a sparkling silver color. Her hair is still the same ashy brown but now with the silver streaks, it seems to be brighter. Her hair now reaches down to below her chest, which seemed to grew rapidly as she was undeveloped before. Her chest is now slightly bigger than an average sixteen year old. What lie beneath her hair is her eyes, which changed from a dull hazel to a light lavender with a dark red tint around her pupil. Her lips are now a darker red, and a couple of her teeth inside have grown a bit pointed. She grew a bit taller and now she felt more physically stronger than she has ever been her whole life.

She gasped, as she remember the stories the old maid used to tell her about vampires and creatures like that. She remembered that vampires were beautiful but horrible creatures who suck your blood. She couldn't believe that she had actually turned into one. She tightened her hand into a fist before realizing that she still had her note in her hand. She unfolded it and smoothed it out, before gasping. She could actually understand this! She looked at the note as the words were appearing into her mind and telling her the meanings.

Aurora, my darlings, I hope you haven't lost this letter yet but if you're reading this now, you must had already transformed into your vampire half. I'm sorry I abandoned you but I just wanted you to escape a horrible death and live your life. Well, as you know, you're a vampire. Me, I'm a human but your father.... There was some smudged tear drop marks on the paper. Her mother must have been crying. Is a vampire. Don't look for him, he doesn't know anything about you and might want to kill you. Don't look for me either. I might be dead by the time you were found. I love you and I always will. My dying wish is too see you before my death, which might never happened... I'm sorry I failed you Aurora.

Love, Rain, your mother....

She decided that this was a sign, a sign that meant that she should leave this life and go on to find her mother, wherever she is. Even if her mother was dead, she hoped to find more about her and who she was. She packed up everything she needed, including a cloak and a dress she "found" from one of the noble daughters.

She wore her pants made of cotton like a regular slave girl, but over it she wore a fashionable dress made of a soft aqua fabric, the one she got from the noble girls. It has a ribbon around the waist and has sakura blossoms imprinted on it. Even though it's small and looks so delicate, she knew that the noble family used an unbreakable charm on it. The hooded cloak is made of the same fabric and is enchanted the same way. Aurora knew that the noble family used the special charm that it has. The charm doesn't allow people to look upon the face of the person wearing it, though there are still creatures stronger than the charm itself still has the ability to. She then got her bag and set off towards the next town, hoping to find some help and information about her mother...
Coral the Corsola

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