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Default Re: Pokemon- The war of the roses.

Name: Sarah
Species: Vulpix
Allignment: Red Rose
Appearence: A normal Vulpix
Distinguishing Marks: Her Golden collar
Attacks: Growl, Tackle, Ember, Will-O-Wisp

Bio: She hasn't had that good of a life. She was abandoned at a very young age and was living on the streets. Until a young man found her and took her in. This young man happened to be very wealthy and she was pampered day and night from head to paw. Until... He commited suicide. He left everything in her name. But since she was a pokemon, the state took it away from her. Now she is back on the street and all that she has left to remember him by is the golden collar he bought her on the day they met. Then she found out about the Pokemon gangs. And she will do anything to get some help. She has been attacked by wild pokemon and she can't find food. She's starving and hurt but and with that collar she looks very vulnerable. But by now she's so ticked off, get in her way and she'll rip you to shreads.

EDIT: I hope you don't mind if I edit in a couple more Pokemon

Name: Sam
Species: Eevee
Allignment: Red Rose
Appearence: A normal Eevee
Distinguishing Marks: Her Birthmark, in the shape of a heart on her ear. And her big Green Eyes (Eevees (Cept for Sam) all have Brown Eyes)
Attacks: Growl, Tackle, Charm, Shadow Ball

Bio: She wasn't abandoned like Sarah but she abandoned her family. Once she heard about this rose thing she wanted to jump into it as fast as she could. She's a real big adventure lover and risk taker and she never back down from a challenge. She is currently on the streets, preparing for the roses. It's just a matter of time, until she will be the best.

Name: Sparky
Species: Pikachu
Allignment: White Rose
Appearence: A normal Pikachu
Distinguishing Marks: His Blue Neckerchief
Attacks: Growl, Thundershock, Thunderwave, Tackle

Bio: He's a very timid and shy little Pikachu. Not many friends. He heard about the roses by hiding behind a trash can. He was listening to some pokemon talking and they just happened to be talking about that. So he wants to join because he thinks that Pokemon there can teach him how to be brave. He took his blue neckerchief and took off

Hatches: 1227
Evolves: 1332
Level 100: 1512
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