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Default Re: Phantom Hourglass (Bellum phase #2 help, here!)

CURSES, BELLUM! I can't get Ciela to release a Phantom Sphere. I've tried locking swords with him again, but it won't work! Stuck, BIG-TIME. Also, when I do hit him in the back when his eye's open with a Great Spin Attack, He turns around so quick that the pixels literally jumped over, so it wasn't really even ANIMATED!

P.S. That's what you're supposed to do. Like copying ink onto another sheet.

P.S.S. Too late, I beat him...twice.

P.S.S.S. To get the Swordsman's Scroll (this is complicated, so listen up), you must have the last Sea Chart (after beating the 5th visit to the Temple of the Ocean King) and find another Traveler's Ship. It should Beat the monsters and talk to the weird-looking man. It'll take a few conversations, but eventually he'll ask if you want something normal or mysterious. Select "Mysterious" and he'll give you the Hero's New Clothes (and a Treasure Map). Now, go to the ugly, Wind Waker Link-impersonating man and give him the clothes. He'll give you a Telescope. Go over to the HoHos' ship and the bottom-left one will want the Telescope. Give it to him. He'll give you a Guard Notebook. Now, on the VERY first Traveler's Ship you entered in to ENTIRE GAME, defeat those monsters and give the man his Guard Notebook. He'll give you a Wood Heart. Take it to the Old Wayfarer on Bannan Island and he won't be there. Joanne will tell you he's at sea. Find yet ANOTHER ship, board it, and talk to the Old Wayfarer. Say you did find romance on the seas and he will take the Wood Heart. He tells you there's a chest at his house waiting for you! Dash back over, fight the Giant Eye Plant, and go inside. You got the Swordsman's Scroll! Now you can use the Great Spin Attack.

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