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Default Re: Pokemon- The war of the roses.

Name: Tam-Tam
Species:Murkrow (Pre-Sinnoh - won't evolve)
Allignment: Red rose
Appearence: Your standard Murkrow girl, well, pretty standard. The red ring on her tail is white, and she has four spikes on her crest. I also drew a bad diagram of her head:
Diagram of her head.
Distinguishing Marks: The four spikes on her crest.
Attacks: Fly, Frustration, Pursuit, Astonish.
Note: Tam-Tam was not the one in your story, btw.
Also Note: Tam-Tam and Lei are good friends.

Name: Lei
Species: Charmander
Alignment: Red Rose
Appearance: Albino Charmelion. White Skin, red eyes.
Distinguishing Marks: A deep red gash on her left arm.
Attacks: Dragon Rage, Flamethrower, Slash, Iron Tail
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