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Default Re: The Great Console War (And other related console discussion)

Originally Posted by the View Post
How hard is the wait for Uncharted for you? It's killing me!

Heavenly Sword is in my library, and you won't be disappointed. You must play it in HD... My God it's spectacular to behold. 7 hour game maybe, but getting all the extras will take some work, and there's quite a lot of extras to be had. I'm not done it yet. It's no God Of War but... It's good.

For the time yeah, it was.
Every TV in my house has HD, so, I will be happy. I've seen on TV it's supposed to be a great game. I never got all of the extras on both God of Wars, almost on the second one, just coudn't beat the game in Titan Mode, almost, but I kept dieing against the final battle with Zeuse. If they put a good Kingdom Hearts game on the PS3, I'll probably have a graphics seizure.

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