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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

OOC: What's this? Yes, that's right; I'm switching to RP the good Adam for now! Try to avoid running into the evil Adam if you happen to be crossing the desert...

IC: I was relaxing in the shade of a nice orange tree. I recognized the bark and leaves as those of the arbutus, even though there certainly weren't any oceans nearby. The plant seemed interesting and inviting to me, so I decided to sit and watch it while Armadillomon briefed me on what I had to do.

Something about meeting up with a group of other kids, whatever it was I wasn't really interested. The digital world was amazing, and I hoped that I could absorb as much of it as possible before doing any fighting. Fighting was never a good way to spend an afternoon. Tree-watching on the other hand, was a great sport to play.

Armadillomon snapped at me "Were you listening?" Though he had a good reason to be angry, it still made me upset that he had shouted.

"Sorry," I told him, "I'll try and do better." I listened intently to what he said from then on.

It would be a shame if I disappointed him again. Armadillomon's approval was something that I seemed to really long for ever since finding myself in the field. Frimon came up to meet me and I soon found myself wanting to make a good impression on him too. When he first laid eyes on me the digimon complained, but I hoped that in time we could become friends. That was what Armadillomon seemed to want, so I should strive for it too.

After a very short time though, Armadillomon told me someone was waiting in the forest and had he had to go. He asked Frimon to listen to me, but I was sure Frimon would make a better leader. He would probably know the landscape and inhabitants better, after all.

My digivice beeped, and a verbal message began to be sent through. "Chosen Digidestined. You have all now made it successfully to the Great Digital Plains. I am Jen'ichi, a caretaker of the Digital World, if you will. A great quest is upon you now, and the first order of business is at hand. Please meet me at the Desert Terminal in seventy-two hours. I will not be there any sooner, nor do we have the time to be any later. Make great haste." I absorbed every word, excited that I had been selected to perform a task as important as meeting the caretaker of the digiworld. The little picture of a building flashed onto my screen for the duration of the message, but it faded when the voice stopped talking.

My new partner, Frimon, urged me to get moving. It would be nice to get there punctually, but I didn't want to make anyone feel inferior because I got to the terminal first. "Why do we need to beat them? I donít want to make them feel bad that we got there first, maybe we should wait a while so that we can be the last ones there. Then, nobody will feel bad about being slow." The idea seemed really good to me, and seeing how sweet little Frimon looked, I was sure he would agree.

I was wrong. But hey, everyone was entitled to his or her opinion. Frimon's opinion involved showing the others that we were better than them though. I tried explaining the concept of equality to my new buddy, but he didn't want to absorb any of it. His ideologies were somewhat narrow-minded, but he was still very nice... wasn't he?

For a split-second I thought I heard the bark of a puppy, but I dismissed it as a sign that Frimon was sweet at heart. Frimon jumped at the noise, scanning the scene. Suspiciously he whispered, "Did you hear that?"

"Yeah, pretty neat. It's a sign that we'll be great friends," I told him. "Why else would we be sharing the same imaginary sounds so early in our partnership?" There probably weren't any dogs in the Digiworld. At least none that barked, I expected that they would all speak English (like Armadillomon and Frimon).

* * * * *

Frimon wailed, "Let's go! Pleeeease! We've been sitting here for hours." The new friend Armadillomon had found for me seemed really nice, even if he was a little loud. In my mind he looked a little like a sunflower or a kitten. Both were images of happiness, so why shouldn't I be happy to have him?

"It hasn't been that long," I tried to comfort him, "At most we've only been here for an hour and a half."

"Aaarg!" Frimon thumped his tail on the ground and rolled around in a fit. "I wanna go now!!!"
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