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Default Re: Teen Titans: New Allies!

Reserve me Raven.

Name: Luna Roth
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Powers: Basically all of Raven's powers.
Personality: Being a loner, Luna is a very quiet girl. She does not know much about her self, or where she comes from. She thinks she is alone and she is from Earth, but she is wrong. She thinks her parents abandoned her.
Appearance: She looks a bit like Raven, but she does not have a cloak, and her hair is Starfire's length. And her hair is black. She also does'nt have that belt thing.
History: Seperated from her sister, mother and father at birth, Luna lived on the human world. She was alone, with no-one. When she was eight, she went into the city and learnt how to read and talk. She was young, very young when she heard about the Teen Titans. Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg did'nt help with her memory, but the name Raven defently gave a familiar spark of memory. She went near Titans Tower, but then remembered she would defeintly be labeled as an intruder.
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