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Arrow The Underground: April

courtesy of EmBreon

The Underground
So, you want to dig around the dirt and to find hidden jems, eh? Grab a pick-ax and shovel and prepare to get dirty.

Explorerís Kit - $2,500
You are rented a pick, a shovel, and a backpack to dig, which need to be returned when you are finished.

Because the underground tunnels are very narrow, we canít allow everyone to enter all the time. You are allowed to visit the Underground once per month. Once you uncover something, you will return the Kit and keep what you found.

Zephyr, the Item Collector - This shabby little guy hangs around the dig site, too lazy to dig for himself. If you find Valuable Items such as Spheres, Shards, or even rarer items, he will happily give you money or a TM for it.

Samantha, Professor of Bones - She researches any bones or fossils that may be found. If the fossil can be revived into a Pokemon, she will offer you that service, but you must pay $5,000. It also takes two days to revive an ancient Pokemon.

Peter, the Rabbit Man - Nobody knows why he dresses up in a rabbit outfit, but he has some relation to the Daycare Center. Heís looking for Heart Scales. If you find one, he will offer you free Daycare service for one of your Pokemon to learn one attack. Once you decide, you can redeem your prize in the Daycare thread, where it will learn the attack immediately.

If you find anything else, you simply keep it. Just remember to return the Explorerís Kit. The Foreman and his Digging Crew will be around the site if you need help with something. Happy digging!

Basically, you pay the fee for the Explorer Kit and someone from the Digging Crew will reply with what you find. Anyone can Role Play if they want to add some more fun to the experience.

Rolling - 1 die, 100 sides. The first die is rolled to determine the category. Within that category, a second die is rolled to determine what you dug up.

Valuable Items {70-100}

Blue Sphere, Red Sphere, Green Sphere, Prism Sphere, Pale Sphere

Blue Shard, Green Shard, Red Shard, Yellow Shard

Big Mushroom, Big Pearl


*Valuables: Blue Sphere (1,000), Red Sphere (1,500), Green Sphere ($2,000), Prism Sphere ($2,500), Pale Sphere ($3,000), Big Mushroom ($5,000), Big Pearl ($7,500), Nugget ($10,000)

*Shards: Blue (Rain Dance), Green (Hail), Red (Sunny Day), Yellow (Sandstorm)

Evolution Stones {55-69}
9 sided die

Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, Fire Stone, Leaf Stone, Moon Stone, Shiny Stone, Sun Stone, Thunder Stone, Water Stone

Plates {43-54}
17 sided die

Draco (Dragon), Dread (Dark), Earth (Ground), Fist (Fighting), Flame (Fire), Icicle (Ice), Insect (Bug), Iron (Steel), Meadow (Grass), Mind (Psychic), Plain (Normal), Sky (Flying), Splash (Water), Spooky (Ghost), Stone (Rock), Toxic (Poison), Zap (Electric)

Jewels {31-42}
17 sided die

Bug Gem, Dark Gem, Dragon Gem, Electric Gem, Fighting Gem, Fire Gem, Flying Gem, Ghost Gem, Grass Gem, Ground Gem, Ice Gem, Normal Gem, Poison Gem, Psychic Gem, Rock Gem, Steel Gem, Water Gem

Battle Items {20-30}

Damp Rock, Heat Rock, Icy Rock, Smooth Rock

Iron Ball, Light Clay

Eviolite, Float Stone, Rocky Helmet

Special {10-19}

Heart Scale

Fossils {5-9}

Armor Fossil - (Shieldon)
Claw Fossil - (Anorith)
Cover Fossil - (Tirtouga)
Dome Fossil - (Kabuto)
Helix Fossil - (Omanyte)
Plume Fossil - (Archen)
Root Fossil - (Lileep)
Skull Fossil - (Cranidos)
Odd Keystone - (Spiritomb)
Old Amber - (Aerodactyl)

Note: After rolling a 5-9 for the fossil categories, a 1-9 for the special fossils, and a 2-sided die to determine either it is an Odd Keystone or an Old Amber, players must then roll a 1-30 to actually get the Pokemon. If the last roll fails, it means that the Keystone/Amber had broken while excavating and you will get nothing.

Nothing {1-4}
There is a small chance you will find nothing, either: exhausted from working so hard; or be victim of a cave in; or be attacked by blood sucking Zubat; or break your pick-ax; etc. If this happens, you will be escorted away from the dig site. You are welcome to continue digging another day this month, but you must pay the rental fee again.

Monthly Time
We go by GMT timezone for when the month changes. Also, an Official/Mod may post when the next month will start.

Digging Crew
All Moderators and Officials
Ash K.
The pokemaster
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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