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Default Re: The Three New Pokemon (Update)!

Originally Posted by Jet

Yep, this IS a pre-evo of Sudowoodo... though it's a disappointment that they made a pre-evo for an underused poké...

Are you sure about the names of those pokémon? err... actually, there are 5 new pokémon revealed... the other 2 are the pre-evos of Sneasel and Mr. Mime... says the pre-evo of Sneasel is Manyula, and the pre-evo of Mr. Mime is Manene... what is it really??? o_O

oh yeah, the floating one does look like an alternate evolution for Skiploom... and the other one... hmmm might be either Ground/Psychic, or Ground/Fighting... may Dark... who knows...
Those pictures are just Fanart Jet. Calm down dude =P

As posted in the thread in the general board, here is a link to the official art.

Serebii's Diamond/Pearl Page

I kinda think having so many pre-evos is pointless.

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