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Default Re: The Shadow Eaters

Sign Up:

Name: Elana Frost

Age: 15

Appearance -

Bio/History - Elana was always wanting to be a trainer. But sadly, her mother said that she shouldn't get messed up in silly fighting. But Elana wouldn't give up. One morning, on her birthday, she went over to Pallet Town. Living in Cinnibar, it wouldn't take long. She finally got her starter, Charmander, and went back home. She had to hide Charmander for a while, until her Mum found once. She was ver angry at Elana. but just at that moment, some Team Rocket grunts arrived and made a mess of the house. Elana had no choice but to fight them. Both pokemon were injured, but Elana just won. The grunts fled, and her mother decided that she could become a trainer.

Reason for being Hired: Because she is a great trainer who has defeated the elite four in Kanto and Hoenn. She has also wiped out Teams Magma and Aqua.








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