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Default Re: ATF's Tree of Battles

No Abilities
One Mon each
Rain Weather
Normal Terrain
Substitute allowed
No Sleep moves[Rest Included]

Emma VS. Groudon_Fan VS. Pokeking1 VS Meg VS. The Jr Trainer VS. Ataro VS.Marco

Umbreon VS Lanturn VS Electivire VS Spirtomb VS Metagross VS Milotic VS P-Z

There was a lot of teaming and I had to go twice for about 1/2hour >_>

Emma $1k
G_F $1k
Pokeking1 $1k
Meg $1.5k
Jr. $2k
Ataro $2.5k
Marco $3k + win
Me $3.5k

Salary: $5k
Coordinator Stat's

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