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Default Re: The Shadow Eaters

Name: Anabelle "Jackel" Tonden

Age: 16

Appearance - A shy young girl with bright, pale blue eyes, the pupil hardly visible at all. Her long, bleach blonde hair whips the back of her ankles when she walks. Her dark red winter jacket obscures most of her body save for her legs. She wears a pair of black jeans with rips at the ends. Anabelle dons an ice blue messenger bag in which she keeps all her belongings. She also has a mysterious scar that runs across her nose (think Iruka from Naruto!).

Bio/History - Originally from Ecruteak city in the Johto region. Anabelle was raised in a poor household, but her small family was always happy. Her upbringing was honest, making her an overall honest person. When she was 13 she left Johto & travled to Sinnoh & Hoenn looking for bigger challenges. Anabelle came back to Johto when she was 15 & stayed untill her 16th birthday, when she got up & left again.

Reason for being Hired: Anabelle is a talented trainer who has conquered the Elite four in Hoenn & Sinnoh.

Pokemon nickname: Pain
Gender: Male
Species: Houndoom
Distinctive features: Bright blue eyes & silver balled peircings on his tounge.

Personality: A calm & gentle creature of genuine intelligence & common sense. In a story he would be a "Protagonist", always trying to keep the peace between others. However he isn't afraid to be feirce in battle.

Pokemon nickname: Konan
Gender: Female
Species: Linoone
Distinctive features: Instead of brown stripes, Konan's stripes are a sky blue. She has an origami flower attatched to her left ear & a lower-lip ring peircing.

Personality: Konan is a very loving Pokemon who has a knack for making others feel better. She is loyal to all her friends, especially Pain, who she seems to have a little crush on. Konan will give anything to save her friends--even her life.

Pokemon nickname: Zetsu
Gender: Male
Species: Torterra
Distinctive features: Zetsu's face is split down the middle, the left side is white, representing comedy. The right side is black, representing tradgedy & horror.

Personality: Zetsu is a little Bipolar: He's nice sometimes, but other times he can lash out at you for no reason at all. Being a large Pokemon, that's dangerous. Zetsu is also very overprotective of his friends.

Pokemon Nickname: Shino
Gender: Male

Species: Megayanma
Distinctive features: He is the only one that is perfectly normal in the group of freaks that is Anabelle's party.

Personality: Shino is very quiet & is often aloof from the others. Regardless, he is a loving creature, raised in the hands of a loving trainer.

(Phew! Done..just in time for 6th Period xD)

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