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Default Re: Teen Titans: New Allies!

Ooh. I just began to like the franchise yesterday. X) Perfect timing I say!

You could refine some of it, polish off the story a little – maybe a plot summary? And then, you’d be raking in even the best of roleplayers! I like it so far, so keep up the good work, and never stop improving!

This guy, Kay, is from a book I’m writing.

* * *

Name: Caleb ‘Kay’ Andersen
Alias: ‘Swift’
Age: Fourteen
Gender: Male
Powers: (I apologize for the science content, but my principal is that as long as my character has ‘superhuman’ abilities, there has to be a law of physical science that supports these powers.)

Kay’s molecules and atomic structure is capable of vibrating at a speed faster than normal, this kinetic (‘movement’) energy is used by his body to run at extreme speeds. The top speed he has isn’t recorded, but it is theorized to be around 10 to 12 meters per second. The constant vibration of atoms during running prevents his body from being broken down at high speeds. He can walk and act perfectly normally, at regular speeds.

This ‘moving particle’ power can be taken to a new extreme. With the constant movement, Kay’s body creates friction. Friction is an opposing force that can normally be described as ‘heat’, when two objects rub or move against each other. But in Kay’s case, the molecules in his body bump and hit each other with such a force, he is capable of creating electricity. (That’s how lightning is formed in a rain cloud!)

The electrical energy can be dispelled through his fingers and his palm like an anti-lightning-rod effect, so he can shoot thunderbolts from his hands. His body also is able to absorb electricity, which is converted into the kinetic energy that moves his molecules. Therefore he gets his superpowers from electricity itself in a cycle. Without electricity, he is normally powerless, and can be seen sticking his hands into electrical outlets to ‘recharge’.

The movement in his molecules also works in his brain, allowing him to think faster than average children in his class.

Personality: Kay is never one to be reckless. A clever boy, he’s a thinker – definitely not a fighter. He can sometimes be too arrogant with his knowledge, and that has led to many problems, especially with bullies. When confronted, Kay enjoys taking a situation as a problem, and normally, his intelligence can turn the tables onto his foes. (E.g. Once, when he was cornered by a pair of burly minions against a wall, he ran up onto the wall, and kicked off into one of his attackers’ face!) His speed is normally used for escaping, but occasionally, when he is angered or upset, he can use his speed to attack speedily and unpredictably

He dislikes people who do not see the beauty in brainteasers and calculations, and especially those who prefer sports and other athletic activities. Despite his great speed, he was never meant for exercise. He’s incredibly weak when it comes to weightlifting, climbing… In short, everything that doesn’t involve running! And if it did involve running, his sense of justice always prevents him from using his powers. He can be a sore loser at times, calling well-built boys ‘Neanderthals’. His intellect and mental prowess makes him highly interested in a riddles, puzzles and mind games. And as a result, he idolizes ‘The Riddler’, a Batman adversary, whose stories inspired him to go into vigilante-work from the start.

He has a strong sense of justice, inherited from his mother, and fights strongly and almost obsessively for what he believes in.

He is sometimes childish, however, and sometimes call out ‘Beep Beep!’ when he runs. (In homage to the ‘Roadrunner’ from the Looney Tunes.)

Kay is a skinny, bespectacled boy with a long, slender face. His eyes are pale, jade green, like little jadestones. Due to birth defects at a young age, his left forearm and the eye-area of his face is wrinkled and deformed, the latter resembling a costume mask. His hair is a dark, almost jet, black, cut into a neat slope-cut. He isn’t very tall, at only 1.57 centimeters; many girls in his school dwarf him.

He wears a small, white, down-feather on a string around his neck for good luck.

History: Kay was born in Singapore, to Judith and Gibson Andersen, two ‘superheroes’ who retired to get married. He attended a neighborhood school, got decent grades, lived in an apartment. His life was perfectly normal.

His parents never let him in on their old ‘superhero’ secret, and Kay would almost never find out. However, one day, his mother was attacked by a pair of mysterious superhumans, and sustained a wound that would later prove fatal. At Judith’s funeral, Kay vowed to find justice for her. The determination he had unlocked his powers, and he has only been getting better. With his father supporting him, Kay became a small-time superhero.

Recently, he heard of the Titans and set out to America to join them.

Other: He likes Ornithology – the study of birds.

* * *

And… May I ask something? Is it too rude to play as Robin? No one I here wants to be an original Titan, and we need one of those to get the ball rolling. :)

Name: Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson
Alias: ‘Robin’
Age: Unknown. He is supposedly nineteen when he emancipates from Batman, but based on his body size, I find that hard to believe. He could be around thirteen – fifteen at the oldest.
Gender: Male
Powers: Coming from a family of circus performers, Dick has the innate ability to dodge moves. His body is highly flexible due to training and he is skilled in martial arts, thanks to training with Bruce Wayne. He has strong tactician skills and good leadership qualities that enable him to command the Titans. Along with an interest in mysteries and whodunits, one can find that he is a very reliable sleuth.

His relationship with the Batman has given him much high-tech weaponry, including Robin-styled Batarangs and an extendable baton. (I always see him with the little yellow baton in ‘The Batman’, but I don’t know whether he still keeps it in Titans. Has he?)

Personality: Dick is serious boy. A strict commander and not one for fools, he sharply no-nonsense. With his strong sense of righteousness, he will never back down from a fight, and will fight strongly for what he believes in. He may be sharp, but underneath that exterior is a playful young boy, who will give up his cape just to sit on a swing and feel the trapeze air in his face.

Appearance: Dick has a sleek, black hair swept backwards by his mask. He’s rarely out of his ‘Robin’ costume, and prefers to be called as such. He has a sharp, yet plump, childish face, with stony cold, emotionless eyes. Young as he is, he’s rather well built, with muscles that look strangely odd on someone so adolescent.

History: Dick Grayson was the son of two acrobats, and was a young star of a traveling circus’s Trapeze team called ‘Flying Graysons’. However, a mafia crime boss named Tony Zucco wanted to claim ‘protection’ money from the family, and when his parents refused to pay the sum, their acrobat equipment was tampered with and the two fell to their death.

Freshly orphaned, Dick found himself adopted by billionaire Bruce Wayne. When he stumbled upon the Batcave, Wayne had to no choice but revel his alter ego to him. As the two became closer, Wayne began to take him under his wing, and taught him how to fight. There, Dick adopted the ‘Robin’ alias he still uses to this day. Batman and Robin eventually found enough evidence to convict Zucco and avenged his parents.

When Dick began to take up schooling in Gotham, he slowly broke away from the Batman, learning that he had the skills to work well on his own. Eventually Wayne confronted him, and after a heated argument, the two went separate ways.
Now alone again, Robin left Gotham City for a new city and a new start, where he met Starfire, who was a slave, escaped from a traveling Gordanian ship. To protect her, he teamed up with some strange superhumans he met in the area: Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy. When the threat had dissolved, the five permanently became a group, thus forming the Teen Titans.

Other: I’m not making anything about Robin up – all this happened to Dick Grayson. I’m a huge fan of Batman, and I follow his comic book! However, I’m only guessing this incarnation of Robin is Dick Grayson, because it’s never stated in the series. But I do have enough concrete evidence to support my choice of ‘Robin’.

Starter-post: Shouldn’t we be writing these in the Roleplaying thread?

All the same, I scribbled this because I was bored. Call it my ‘Roleplayer’s Sample’. XD

Titan Log
Dammit. I’m not one to complain, but I hate it when someone gets into my stuff. It’s not my fault I like Country music. It’s not that funny, either!

Ohh… They think it’s a hoot! Everybody! Robin likes the Eagles! You heard me right! Robin likes Yuppie music! Extra. Extra. Read all about it!

I mean, I’m not the only one who likes weird music. Beast Boy still listens to Hi-5. Cyborg has his Heavy metal. And Raven… she has… that… uh… nevermind. Point still stands: never let anyone look into your iPod. It could be the most embarrassing 4 Giga-bytes of your life.

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