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Default Re: PE2K Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment!

Wrestlemania XX is going to be the best. Usually the PPV matches are pretty much predictable, but this is pretty tough.

Here are my predictions:

Triple H defeats HBK and Benoit. This will probably not end fairly.
Undertaker defeats Kane. Undertaker is the only person that can take Kane, and he's got an undefeated streak at WM.
Eddie defeats Kurt. The only reason I'm voting Eddie is because this is his first title defense.
Sable and Torrie defeat Stacy and Miss Jackie.
John Cena defeats Big Show. Big Show has had it for a long time, Cena needs a turn.
Chavo keeps his title. Chavo hasn't had it for a long time.
Rock n' Sock defeat Evolution. Mick has been beaten up, now its his turn.
Molly defeats Victoria. Molly won't cut her hair.
Y2J defeats Christian. Jericho is just better.
Lesnar defeats Goldberg. This is going to be the best match in my opinion. Not sure about this one.
Booker T and RVD keep their titles. First title defense, they need to keep them.
Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi keep their titles. They've only had them for a little while, so they're probably going to keep them. But, I would like to see Haas and Benjamin win this match.

I hear Edge will go to RAW after he returns. RVD contracts ends in July and I read that he might go to Smackdown. I think that would be awesome, but he and Eddie both use some sort of frog splash which could be a problem.

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