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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

OOC: I'm experimenting with different fonts, bear with me.

IC: I figured that I probably wouldn't have to run to beat Armadillomon back to our gathering place. With his stubby little legs I'd make it there before him easily. With these ideas in my mind, I figured I was able to waste a little bit of time before running back through the forest.

He was still sitting in the shadow of the arbutus tree, so I had trouble seeing his features from this distance. Should I approach him now, or wait for a better oppourtunity?

Before I had made up my mind his electronic device, like the one I had received in the storm, began to beep unexpectedly. Someone’s voice was being transmitted through it. Shocked by the noise at first, I missed the beginning of Junie’s (or whatever his name was, it wasn’t like I cared) message. Whatever it was sounded important, so I tightened my focus on the sound to try and figure out what was going on.

“Please meet me at the Desert Terminal in seventy-two hours. I will not be there any sooner, nor do we have the time to be any later. Make great haste.” The transmittion ended, leaving me with a feeling of emptiness. I had no idea why he was calling upon people to meet with him or what this ‘Desert Terminal’ looked like. Why hadn’t my gadget received this call? I felt left out, and wanted to know why I hadn’t been included in gathering.

Frimon urged his new partner, “C’mon, we’ve got to get there fast if we want to beat the others!”

“Why do we need to beat them?” asked the human in a mysteriously familiar voice, “I don’t want to make them feel bad that we got there first, maybe we should wait a while so that we can be the last ones there. Then, nobody will feel bad about being slow.”

“Except me!” Frimon whined. “Please? I really want to get there first, that way we can show the others we’re the best!”

Again with his oh-so-recognizable voice the boy said, “You can’t say that to the others; everybody’s equal.”

‘Hardy,’ I thought with a grin. Whoever Frimon’s partner was had the wrong idea about people. Even now I knew that I was his superior by far. I would find the desert and the desert terminal that was waiting somewhere within it. He’d fall far behind, with weak ideas like equality. Armadillomon was going to be waiting a long time before I was about to meet him. If he planned on waiting until I showed up, I might go back to check on him in a couple weeks.

In the most pleasant voice I could muster I asked Shaomon, “Which way is the desert?”

He barked happily, glad that I had acknowledged him. This attracted the attention of Frimon, who glared out in the bushes in our direction. Shaomon flipped onto his back and spun around and around. It might have been cute if the rotation wasn’t making me so nauseous. Suddenly he stopped, nose pointed into the brightest area of the woods. “That path’ll take us to the desert!” It was going to take me a while to get used to the strangeness of the digital world.
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