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Default Re: The Middle Ages: Way of Life... RP SU

Originally Posted by Brainiac View Post
Ooh! I think that I will sign up for this, just for fun. The story is kinda small, but the signups are interesting, so I guess I'm committed. Sorry that it is kinda long, but most of my sign ups are that way, it gives me something to go off of.

Name: Seft

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Seft is about 6’1” tall, and wiry. If this were the first time you had ever seen him, you might think that he could be a professional gymnast. His wiry body has been attuned for the past fifteen years, and he is in excellent physical condition. His lank brown hair is cut at shoulder length, and is usually quite shaggy. His features are reasonably clean, but he is not unusually good bad looking. He is the kind of person that you would forget ever seeing if you didn’t talk to him and put forth a genuine effort to remember him. His hazel colored eyes are so light, that often times they are mistaken for yellow. He gives off the impression that he knows where he is going and why you should stay out of his way, but that’s not usually the case. His teeth are nice and straight, and sparklingly white, and his skin always seems to be lightly tanned.

Personality: Because he is blind, Seft has learned the principle of not judging a book by its cover, which I guess is kind of weird, since he can’t see the cover, so let me explain. Seft has never been able to see the food that he eats, so he is willing to try any new food, no matter what it looks like, because he can’t see it, but also he tries it regardless of its smell. I guess you could say that he likes to consider any idea or custom no matter how childish, outlandish, or just downright crazy it seems, before casting it aside for no good reason.

However, while his first and foremost personality trait is a result of being blind, his second most prevalent trait is almost in spite of him being blind. Seft is not reclusive, or plays only for number one, as you would expect a blind person to be, but he is uniquely cordial and open. He is usually friendly, and enjoys the company of others, but he is also an insomniac, and whenever he has gone more than about three days without getting a couple of hours sleep, he becomes uncharacteristically irritable, jumping down the throats of even his closest friends, and mercilessly tearing apart his enemies.

Seft has always been impulsive, doing whatever pops into his head at the time, for no reason other than he thought about doing it. He also enjoys playing practical jokes on those with whom he is less well acquainted with, and particularly on strangers. Despite his mischievous and impulsive manner, Seft shows a remarkable amount of loyalty and conviction toward any thing, be it task or person, which he has committed himself to. Seft usually keeps his emotions hidden very well, but after a few days with no sleep, he practically wears them on his sleeves.

Seft’s biggest pet peeve is pity. He absolutely loathes anyone showing pity towards him because of his blindness, and if you do openly show him pity, he will usually taut you mercilessly for things that he has seen inside your mind, something that he would never do otherwise.

Type: Human/Psychic

Weapons: Seft carries a staff/spear like object with him everywhere. He can psychically see this object, although why he isn’t sure. He uses this as a focus for his psychic power, because it responds to it with less effort than any other object he has ever felt in the world. It was given to him by Jamal, his adopted father.
Powers: (I just put this here with weapons so that you can generally understand his abilities) Seft is one of the most psychically gifted beings in well over a thousand years, and possibly even ever! He has learned to use this ability to help compensate for his own blindness, as well as to affect the physical world in more ways than you can imagine. He can modify the elements to a small degree, but nothing major. He is also gifted with mind sight, a rare psychic ability which is similar to reading minds, although neither person can control what is being viewed.

History: Seft has never known who his parents were. He was abandoned, left to die a few days after his birth, but a man, cleaning the streets in the ally that he was left in discovered him later that same day. Rather than keeping Seft and raising him as own however, the man took him to the local orphanage with the hope that he would be raised in a normal and stable family environment.

When Seft was about three years old, some very important things happened in his life. The first, the one that Seft understood most at the time, was that he was being investigated for adoption by someone. Seft was so excited. None of the other adults that came had ever shown any interest in him at all, but this man came and seemed to make up his mind the instant that he saw Seft. The man had talked to the head matron of the orphanage for a while, and asked to speak privately with Seft in person. Once they were alone in a private room, the man introduced himself as ‘Jamal’.

“I want you to come and live with me, and become my apprentice; I have no interest in raising you as my son.” Jamal said after a moment.

“Why?” asked Seft. He was confused as to why Jamal would want to adopt him if he didn’t want him to be his son. Jamal didn’t say anything, so Seft said something else; this was much quieter, and tinged with bitterness. “I don’t think that you want me to be your apprentice.” This statement seemed to confuse Jamal greatly, and Seft realized that the matron had not yet told him.

“Why would you think that?” asked Jamal quietly.

“I was born blind,” said Seft, “I wouldn’t be able to learn your trade.” The realization that he would not get adopted filled him with bitterness, and he felt as though he would cry soon.

To Seft’s absolute astonishment, Jamal began to laugh. He laughed for a while before he could calm down and talk to Seft again. “That would actually explain a lot!” Jamal exclaimed. “It at least helps to explain why you would develop so early.” This really confused Seft, and Jamal could tell that it did. “Let me explain,” began Jamal. “I am asking you to be my apprentice because you have an incredible gift, and you probably don’t even know about it yet! You see, I was born with a unique psychic ability that very few people are ever gifted with, and I am one of the more powerful people with this gift that are alive today. You, however have at least as much power as I do right now, and theoretically, people shouldn’t even begin developing their powers until about the same time they start going through puberty! Most people’s abilities peak around the ages of nineteen to twenty, and then they just level off, but you will probably become more powerful than anyone has been for thousands of years by the time that you reach the age of fifteen!”

Jamal stopped talking, and looked a little sheepish. “I have become a little too enthusiastic.” He laughed. “I want you to come with me and begin your training now so that you will be able to use your powers well, for I have a rare gift even inside the realm of psychics. I am sometimes able to see into the future, and I have seen that you are important to the future of the world, though for good or evil, I am unable to tell. Also, you emit a powerful psychic presence, anyone with any psychic ability at all that travels within a couple of miles from you would be able to know you were there, and they would be curious. Their curiosity might not always be in your best interest. I can teach you to shield your presence, and I can help you control your abilities.” The man Jamal finished, looking at me gravely. “What do you say you come with me and get trained up? I will protect you and feed you and teach you everything that I know. Deal?” asked Jamal, and Seft knew that his hand was outstretched before him.

“Deal.” Seft said, groping for his hand. He found it, and they shook.

The next important thing that happened to Seft was discovered a few weeks later. He developed insomnia. He couldn’t sleep at all for days at a time, and when He did sleep, it was only for a few hours, but those few hours were always wonderful. He was actually using the extra time that he used to spend sleeping to work out, strengthening his endurance. This was something that jamal had taught Seft. Psychic abilities, although useful and powerful, took considerable energy from the person who wielded them. Seft was already beginning to learn to use his powers, and the one that jamal was most anxious for Seft to learn was something that jamal called ‘witch sight’. It was not actually to see things, but to detect minor disturbances in the air around him. If he mastered this ability well enough, Jamal said, he would be able to tell if any movements were being made in his immediate vicinity, so that he would be able to defend himself even though he was blind. He trained Seft in martial arts, and also hired Seft a personal tutor, so that he would be able to work his brain, because psychic ability took a lot of concentration. Seft settled into a pattern of learning and working and for the next fifteen years.

He worked hard and trained with Jamal, he went to a public school so that he could get better at interacting with people in a normal environment. Not only did he master his witch sight, but he also mastered mage sight, which was viewing the auras cast by every living thing, and even learned mind sight, which allowed him to see the things that others close to him were thinking at the time, a feat that Jamal said most psychics would never learn. After learning all these different kind of awareness’s, he was almost as capable of defending himself as someone who could see, but not quite. He became so adept at modifying physical things that Jamal decided to teach him to control spiritual elements. The first element that jamal taught him to touch was fire. Seft learned to feed a fire with his psychic abilities, and he could keep one going for days without any fuel. He learned a rudimentary control over wind, water, metals, and even light to some degree.

One day, when Seft was eighteen years old, Jamal said he had to leave on a short business trip. He was gone for several weeks, and Seft was absolutely terrified that something had happened to him, and that he would never come back. Finally, about five weeks after he left, he returned one afternoon, and Seft could tell that he had been injured somehow. He asked Jamal what was wrong, but jamal did not answer. Suddenly, he collapsed! If I hadn’t already been guiding him to the sofa, I would not have been able to catch him. Hastily, I carried him over to the sofa and laid him upon it. “I’m not going to last more than a couple more minutes, Seft.” said Jamal, and he seemed to sound like he was in control of himself again, but he sounded also as if he were in great pain. “My will leaves everything to you, but you should not stay here. It is unsafe. You should leave this place. If the wrong people find out that I was training you, you will be in grave danger. This is all that I can give you now.” He reached out, and suddenly he was holding a weapon, but it had appeared, as if from nowhere. It was like a spear, but the end where a spearhead should have been was more like a short sword, or a large knife. Then it hit me.

“I can see it!” Seft exclaimed loudly.

“I know, but that is not with your eyes. It is made of some type or organic metal; it is psychically attuned, so anyone with psychic ability should be able to use this as a focus, a means of magnifying their power over the physical realm. I obtained many years ago, on a journey I undertook in my youth, but I want you to have it now. May you fare well, my son.”

At these words, Seft’s heart broke, and he knew that Jamal was gone; Jamal’s light was beginning to grow dim in Seft’s awareness. Seft began to cry, and couldn’t stop. For several hours, he just lay over Jamal, crying. Finally, when no more tears would come, he straightened up, and began to pack. He wanted to be ready to leave as soon as everything could be settled. He didn’t want to stay here for any longer than it was necessary to prepare the funeral and finalize Jamal’s will. Seft wouldn’t go to the funeral though. He had already said his goodbyes, and decided that he didn’t need to break down all over again. Fondling the staff, for it felt comforting in his hands; the same as the quarterstaff with which he had become so well acquainted, He began his work.

Other: (AQUA)

RP Sample:

Yes, I have used this character before, but the RP he was in died out, and he was just too fun to let go to waste, hope you don't hold that against me!
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