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Default Re: The Middle Ages: Way of Life... RP SU


Name: Kyle Troyxanurmamuai(just put Troy..)-it's elven..) Isako

Gender: Male

Age: 25

He has a scar on his left cheek, all the way to his chin, from a sword. He has Dark Red-ish Grey eyes, with a hint of Black, caused by his multi-breed. He has a Dragons Tail, along with half a Dragon Left Arm. His skin is scaly, for he is Half-Dragon. Kyle also has pointy ears, but not as pointy as Elves.

Personality: He's much like a Loner, he's Downbeat, Selfish and Harsh. He likes to shout at any opportunity he can. It's hard for him to makes friends, and he seldom speaks. He doesn't like Humans that much, even though he is one. He absolutely despises Quarter-Dragons, for he thinks Half-Dragons rule the Earth. When he does speak, he speaks his mind on the situation, or makes some witty remark or comment.

Type: Half-Dragon,Half-Human

Weapons: Sword+Shield

History: Kyle was not a serial killer when he was younger. He was an average Middle Ages kid when he grew up, but he became Downbeat, a Loner, Selfish, and Harsh. He used to shout at every opportunity he could.
He despised his parents, for they hit and abused him, and he hated his Older Brother Kantaro, for Kantaro used to hurt Kyle badly, and was the worst of the abusers. Kyle got his own back though, by ruining their house party, making a mockery of the whole family to everyone they knew. Kyle was greatly punished that night for what he'd done. That caused him to run away.
Kyle rarely trusts anyone for his abused childhood, so it's really hard for him to make friends, which many people found out, much to their dismay.
The way he is a crossbreed, was caused by his Father, who was a Dragon, marrying his mother, who was a Half Human, Half Elf(so, thus not counting for DNA), and the parents of Kyle's mother were a Human and a Elf, thus causing Kyle to be quarter-Human and Quarter-Elf,but that was what Kyle thought. For he is not truly as his 'parents said', he was actually a Half-Dragon, Half-Human man, who'd lost his parents at an early age. He can use Elven magic, for he was injured and they aided him greatly.Dragons have magic that causes illusions to cause people to believe they are human. Dragons though can still have relationships with humans. Kyle met a foolish wizard who caused Kyle's DNA to become unstable and allows Kyle to become human/dragon on will.
Other: Nope..

RP Sample:
Some links for 'ya:
[paired with DarkAmethyst a.k.a angel-chan] URPG stats Ranger Log

Credit to Neo Pikachu for the avatar.

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