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Default Re: Teen Titans: New Allies!

Name: Kasey Thomas// Hero Name: Angel
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Powers: Can turn into a Angel like version of herself. She shoots light beams and is very skillful with her staff. Oh and she can fly. :P
Personality: Tends to be alone,hates annoying people. She is always wide open and happy.
History: Kasey had gotten these powers was when she was hit with a beam that came down from the heavens,the energy surged into her body...
Other: She has a crush on Cyborg.
The sky was blue and clear. The bright sun beamed down on the beautiful neighberhood,Creamboro(Best I could think of XD). Kasey Thomas was sitting against the big oak tree in the front yard. She breathed in the nice,fresh air. She drew on her notepad,a little bluebird. It chirped and then flew away. "Just when I was about to finish your tail..." She mumbled. She drew the tail,alittle messed up, but good. Smiling,she got up to her feet and went into her house. Her mom was at the stove,cooking dinner. "Whats for dinner,mom?" She asked. "You'll see" Her mom replied,laughing.
"Hehe...ok" Kasey headed into her room and sat down on her bed. She suddenly gazed out of the window to see a large eagle fly by. "An eagle! Never seen one of those around here!" She said,delighted at the sight. She sat at the window,watching the eagle fly in circles abit then dissapear into the horizon.
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