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Default Re: Teen Titans: New Allies!

Originally Posted by DarkLugiaMaster Gir View Post
Name: Jason M. Ross Hero Name: Animoy
Powers:He can generate beings for up to a year of things he's imaginary creatures he seen I.E. Spongebob/Pikachu
Personality:He loves TV and stufff like that,he loves cute and cuddly things and acts annoing and somewhat like this--->.He is zany but fun and really annoying,he also can';t use his powers to their fullest,and when he has nightmares are weird dreams his powers go off by themselfes(when he's sleeping and a while after).He also has a crush on both Raven and Starfire.He is also again annoying and is sometimes a perve...
Appearance:Without costume: With Costume:Basicley he where's a Kanoma and has Spiky Black hair and has has a huge throwing star,and at times a mask with flowers on it,
History:He had a dream of this power since a child,thwn when he saw an ad online to get a wish,he went to NY(Or where ever the Titants live),and got kidnapped and was gonna be a mutant,he ecscaped and got hit with a weird bam wich was labled GACAD11-15O wich gave him his dreams,he was being attacked and then saed by the Titants and joined the group
Other:He can tell the future in his dreams
Starter-post:Um..What do you mean

the waving picture you stole off of somebody I know -.-
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