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Default Re: The Middle Ages: Way of Life... RP SU

Name: Youso Matosaga [Drako]

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Drako has never been like he actually is. In the beginning he was a handsome guy, with an attractive face, but a couple of years ago he suffered an accident when he entered a conflict.
Gave by the Gods, as a trophy for his father courage, Drako’s face was one of the most beautiful faces in the world, but has you probably see, his face changed a lot, since he had almost half of it slashed.
He became so embarrassed, because of his look that he now uses an iron mask to his the slashed part of his face.
About the rest of his body, there’s nothing more to say, despite his clothes. He usually wears purple coloured wizard clothes, which give him a respectful aspect and a mature look.
As a complement, he uses a necklace with an orb, which his father gave to him, before he ran way from home.

Personality: Arrogant, rebel and cold, are the right words to describe Drako’s personality. He doesn’t have any friends, only rival, most because of his selfish attitudes that only benefit himself. He laughs evilly if someone asks him why is he so arrogant and so overconfident.
Evilness is written in his eyes and Darkness can be seen in his face. Although he had a fantastic childhood, he became a rebel and a villain when he started to live alone with himself, and not with the world. In his thoughts, Drako is the most perfect person in the world, and all the others are inferior to him.
If challenged, he can fight until Death, because of his overconfidence and overestimations.

Type: Elemental Wizard: Drako can summon and manipulate Fire, Wind, Water or Earth.

Weapons: He can defend and attack using spells, but he usually uses a Katana in hand-to-hand duels.

History: Born without knowing who his mother was, Drako had only one type of education: his father’s.
Akaruto Matosaga, a wizard born in the forest but educated in the middle of a village, father of Drako. Being a wizard, he wanted his son to follow the path he choose, but Drako’s mother didn’t want neither a son, neither his child to be like his father. After a big fight, between father and mother, and almost a month since Drako’s birth, Akaruto killed his wife, just to not have to share the education of his son, with other person.
Fifteen years passed, after the father kill the mother, and after Drako’s birth. In his fifteen anniversary, an old man told Drako why he never met his mother - because his father wanted him only for him – leaving Drako stoned and creating inside him the thought that one day Drako’s father could kill him too.
After a year Drako ran away with just one object that could ever turn back into a memory of his father: the necklace his father gave him when he started t learn how to cast spells and to summon the elements.

Other: AQUA

RP Sample:

Originally Posted by MikaelO in Awakening
“Where am I?”, I asked to myself, looking at the surroundings.

Maybe this is the most common question, people ask to themselves, in first place, when they wake up in a different environment, and don’t remember of what they had done to be ‘placed’ there.
I realised that I was in an empty place. An empty and dark place, that I never was before.

“What is this place?”, I asked again to myself, looking again at my surroundings, trying to find some exit.

I didn’t found anything! It was just the emptiness, the darkness and me.
I started to run towards somewhere, but I just find more emptiness and more darkness.

“Help!”, I cried out loud, making some echo, “Somebody help me, please!”

I felt on my knees and started to cry. I was alone and helpless, but that soon would end.
As I started to cry, I heard a voice.

“You have to wake up! Everyone's counting on you, the world is counting on you. I can help you, but you must wake up! Please, save them!”, the voice said.

I began to feel astonished. I was there, once again, alone, and I was hearing strange voices.
Then I saw something: a bright white light was shining in front of me.

“You have to wake up! Everyone's counting on you, the world is counting on you. I can help you, but you must wake up! Please, save them!”, the voice said again.

I started to run towards the light, but when I reached it, I felt asleep.


When I woke up, I was in a hospital room. My head hurt and my heart was beating so fast, that I thought I was about to die. I tried to sit down in the hospital bed. Indeed I did it, but my legs were somehow semi-paralyzed.

”What’s happening to me?”, I asked, “First I’m in an empty and dark place and then I woke up in a hospital bed?

I took a look at my surroundings. Everything was painted white, and there were more people sleeping in other beds. At the bottom of my bed I saw something familiar…

“My shorts!”, I cried out loud, reaching and grabbing them.

I looked again at the surroundings, but once again, I didn’t know where I was, neither why I was there…

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