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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

OOC: Uh, yes. Pike's been able to talk, since, birth...

Pike walked over to Lorielle, glancing behind him at Taiki, then sitting down. He nudged Lorielle's leg a little, making the teen look behind her, she flashed a quick and polite smile at Taiki and turned back to the battle.

"You like bring attention, don't ya?" Loriele murmured to Pike. The Jolteon shrugged.

Hey, you do the battling. I'll get the crowd.

"Why? It's only a battle," Lorielle replied, still keeping her eyes on Byo and Tippi.

Well, you never know who will show up to watch... Pike siled as Lorielle gave him a surprised look.

"Oh," Came the reply, Lorielle smiled softly, glancing at her ring. Pike turned his head to Sima-Yi, this'd be interesting to watch...
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