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Default Re: Pokemon- The war of the roses.

Name: Baylee

Species: Chickorita

Allignment: White rose


Distinguishing Marks: Her eyes are sky blue instead of red.

Attacks: Protect, Toxic, Razorleaf, Synthesis

Bio: Baylee was from a long-line of odd eyed Pokémon. Her eyes never bothered her much, although sometimes she would be excluded from games and such. After learning that her tormenter, a nasty little Taillow, had joined up with the red roses, she chose to team up with the opposing team. Also, Baylee herd of Maxs bravery and wanted to support
his cause.

Name: Miru

Species: Taillow

Allignment: Red rose


Distinguishing Marks: The red mark is actually pine green

Attacks: Fly, Protect, Steel Wing and Aerial Ace

Bio: Ever since she was young, Miru has loved to torment grass types. Dispite her green, this Pokémon was accepted and treated properly. Miru took advantage of this ( as she does in a lot of situations ) and made all her friends think she was better then them. It worked. Being very greedy and power-hungry, the bird quickly joined up with the Red roses, simply to have more powerful allies. Her number one victim was a Chickorita named Baylee.

Hope it`s good.

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