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Default Re: The Middle Ages: Way of Life... RP SU


Name: Jordan Turner

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Jordan is different from other people with his pale skin tone and shiny silver hair. His caramel colored eyes give him a unique appeal when compared to others. He has an averaged sized nose and light, thin eyebrows. He wears a black t-shirt with a black leather zipper coat that goes over it. He also wears black shoes that go with his black pants. Since black is basically all over his body except for his skin color, he wears black gloves on his hands. Jordan stands at about 5'8" and weighs approximately 160 Lbs.

Personality: Jordan is a quiet and lonesome type human. He seems to always think to himself, so others hardly get any social activity from him, unless he feels like speaking. Jordan is highly educated and is very intelligent. His knowledge has won him a uncountable amount of awards at school and in the work force. Jordan understands right from wrong and knows that doing good is his responsibility. Jordan also feels that protecting others is not a responsibility, but a duty that he should well take account of. He's not perfect. He can make some people angry because of his style. Some people abhor Jordan due to the fact that he has a certain style. Jordan knows well how to ignore the ignorant and give loyalty to the loyal. Jordan can be a great person in the inside and outside.

Type: Human

Weapon(s): Jordan carries a sacred blade passed down from his family line. The blade is a dark silverish color and the hilt is silver itself.

History: Jordan Turner was born to Deena Turner and Eric Turner. As a child, Jordan was a calm, quiet kid. His parents raised him to be knowledgeable and educated, due to the fact that they were when they were little. He grew up to have balanced manners and understand what was going on in the world.

Jordan's elementary school years were full with drama and love. He didn't really have a care for the whole dating thing. To him, he was too young to have a girlfriend.

Jordan grew up with to good friends. One of them went by the name of Shayne. Shayne is Jordan's most trusted buddy and Jordan absolutely loves him to death. They hang out everyday and they talk about they have loads of things in common.

Another best friend of Jordan is a girl that goes by the beautiful name of Ali. Jordan and Ali have known each other since birth. A lot of people think that they are dating because they seem to hang out every single day.

Jordan is currently in the work force and is also going through the trial of high-school. Lately, Jordan has seemed to be thinking hard. Ali and Shayne sometimes freak out because he doesn't talk for days at a time. Something seems to be on Jorddan's mind. But what is it?

Other: N/A

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