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Default Re: Pokemon Trainer Academy! [1 Spot Left]

Gosh, I wouldn't be talking, Monkey Boy, and others. Calling each other noobs isn't going to help, is it? After all, you bashing them doesn't mean they'll be not accepted, you don't have to start a fight. Don't judge others, that's the bottom line. It would be better for you guys to quit this mess, before you all get banned. You guys are judging each other too fast, when it's not your decision. A lot of you guys are not getting into this, good job. But here is advice, to calm this down. I don't want to see this RP dying, it has a lot of potential into becoming great.

First of all, Monkey Boy, just because they bash you doesn't mean you have to bash back. I can see they're telling the truth, and the first post, before this big mess, was a bunch of help, telling how to improve. You shouldn't force people to not post if they do not want to, it isn't fair. You can't tell the owner of this RP to accept who they want to, either. It's his decision, not yours. And you need to learn to be better than what you are right now, and learn to take criticism from others and become a better person. And plus, I naturally wouldn't see Watergirl being in this RP. She is not so great herself. [No offense to her, just stating this]

And TangleNote and Kaioo, I know you're both trying to help, but it would be better if you told him in a softer, better way. Your bashes are going way too off-topic, and it would be better to make your posts nicer, to help Monkey Boy. Kaioo, your previous post about calling Monkey Boy a noob, was off topic. So? He forgot the name, small problem, not important to be bashed for. And talking about Serebii is off topic? So what? Your saying if someone has experience and RPs a lot, and isn't so great, is automatically better than someone. Example, I've RPed longer than someone, and we're in an RP, doesn't mean I'm better. She may have no experience, but might be good at this.

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