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Default Re: Pokemon- The war of the roses.

Originally Posted by SinnoBoy1 View Post
I made two new Characters to add to the group, I need a pretty good role player to play them as I only wish to play Maxs (I'm a newbie, might neglect the other character). Alright here they are: By the Way you all are accepted.

Allignment:Red Rose.
Appearence:A red Gyrados
Distinguishing marks: A brown tender spot on his back.
Attacks: Rage, Whirpool, Rage, Hydro Pump.

Bio: He was the most feared pokemon in the world until that one faithful day. Right in the Great Lake of New Bark town he had spotted his prey, an unsuspecting Buizel. As he moved under the buizel and as he was ready to shoot up and eat it, it was insulted by a Cyndaquil. The Gyrados shot up with Buizel in it's mouth it began yell at the Cyndaquil. The Cyndaquil Jumped into the air and Shot a powerful Blastburn at its back. It almost incinerated it. Payne dropped the Buizel out of his mouth and fled. Once a proud warrior defeated by a Humble Cyndaquil, He swore revenge. He decied to join Red Rose, when Buckweed told him about White Roses Leader, Maxs, A Cyndaqul.

Name: Whizzer
Species: Buizel
Allignment: White Rose
Appearence: A normal Buizel.
Distinguishing Marks: Two Bite Marks on his Chest.
Attacks: Aqua Tail, Aqua Jet, Waterfall,Hydro Pump.
Gender: Male

Bio: He was the Buizel described in Payne's Bio. He owes his life to Maxs.
Oops :D I Thought Red Rose was Cydiquils side Monkey Boy (Pikachu) is a white rose :D Only 1 red rose :P Red <<X<<Monkey Boy >>>>>> White

PS. reply to second Complain why should weppons be in there! (dude you stink at focusing stuff at the right RP No Offenise
LOL Weppons

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