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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Rose spun around at the sound of a yell. One of the sleeping Alchemists, now wide awake, was chasing after them, telling Davion to stop. Obviously, he'd seen the letters that the Dark Knight had written in the sand. This boy seemed rather frantic as he scrambled up towards them, and it was rather funny to see his panic. However, Rose knew it wasn't fair to judge him like that. After all, the three of them had already gained some sense of calmness, but this little guy had just awoken.

In her genuine politeness, Rose turned to the Alchemist and aknowledged him.

"There's no need to panic."

She wasn't so sure if these words were really true. After all, they were on Besaid Island!

"I'm Rose. And you?"

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