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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Tyson Jake
Besaid Island

Tyson was curious, he had known that someone else is on the island cause of the voices he keeps hearing. Tyson ran everywhere the voice was, to see if he can get some help. Tyson stopped and looked around to see a Dark Knight impriting the words T-O-W-N for some reason. Tyson ran towards the Dark Knight as the Dark Knight ran to some other people. Tyson stopped running towards the Knight as he began to call his name which he didn't know so he just yelled Dark Knight until the Dark Knight notice him.

"Hey, you Dark Knight, com' back, I need to ask ya something, Dark Knight it's very important," Tyson yelled with his hands curled up like a Mega Phone and as he waved his hands to see if the Dark Knight would notice him and the other people he was running to.
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