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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

When I awoke, I knew before I even opened my eyes that something was terribly different. I was no longer on the hard, smooth conglomerate of the Chilliwack Airport runway, nor was I in the same condition that I had been previously. My heartbeat felt slower, deeper, colder. I felt empty inside, like there was a vital part of me missing. Before I could even dare to open my eyes and find out what was wrong with me, I did a body part test, checking my neck, my chest, my arms, my feet, my toes, my hands... My hands? There was still that strange device held tight within my clenched fist. It felt like ice right now... And my other hand was held back by something. For some reason that didn't come to my attention at that moment.

Now sure that all my body parts were functioning, I opened my eyes and found myself in a strange, cloudy area. I was evidently in a large, open meadow, but the grass around me wasn't lush - it was dead. I leaned up a bit, now seeing that there weren't any trees nearby, just mountains far off in the distance. My soft, white jacket around my body didn't seem to be doing much for me, as a shiver passed right through my core. I moved my free hand back a bit, planning on using it to prop myself up, but it was only pulled back by a feeble grasp of -

"Gabumon!" The little guy was still there, clinging to my arm with all the strength that he had in him. I looked at his brown eyes, half open in fatigue.

"Good... you're awake," he uttered. "I thought that something terrible... you were changing..." He paused for a moment, his eyes glazing over for a brief while. "No matter," he continued. "You're okay now, and that's what matters. Now I can do a better job protecting you..."

I smiled a bit, a bit overwhelmed by his protectiveness. "You should be more worried about getting better youself now," I told him, pulling him into my lap. I stuffed the digivice in my pocket in the motion, relinquishing it's icy grip on my palm. Shaking it out, I patted Gabumon on the head and held him like I used to hold my puppy in Chilliwack. "Now, let's see if we can't get to a place a little less... open for attack," I said with a grin. I started to get up, my legs creaking in protest from lack of use, and I pushed myself off of the ground into a standing position. I looked around, seeing a little hill not too far off with a standing of rocks large boulders around it. It looked like refuse of a quarry, but there was no mine to be seen anywhere. Taking a deep breath, I walked over there, glad that Gabumon wasn't protesting to my carrying him. He seemed to be a pretty independant digimon, especially with his urge to protect me, and I didn't imagine at first that he would've stood for it. However, I made it there with no complaints from him, and I soon found myself surrounded by giant rocks about twice the size of me. There were many that were smaller, but they failed in comparison to these big, grey boulders. I sat down on a smaller one, leaning against its larger brother behind me, and let Gabumon rest against my chest. "Are you okay?" I asked him.

He nodded lightly, breathing deeply. "I'm just... a little tired," he replied. "A bit confused, but that should go away soon enough anyway. Going back and forth between worlds shouldn't be a thing someone does for fun." He smiled weakly before closing his eyes and starting to rest.

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