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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Davion Sargtlin
Besaid Island

Davion had been prepared to carry the sleeping person along with him to the town, but the two brought up a good point. There were no fiends to speak of in the area, and almost certainly no danger to be had. As long as they knew where the others were, it would probably be fine, and spare him from piggybacking another male all the way to the town. If it had been a female that had been asleep on the other hand, he would probably have carried her anyway, though he was not going to tell any of them that. He had an image to uphold, and typical male tendencies generally involving puberty and hormones were not part of it.

"Of course I'm coming, give me two seconds."

Grabbing his sword, Davion brought it down hard on the sand, quickly carving out some kind of oversized arrow that pointed to the town. Of course, that was assuming the town was in the same place as in the game, or else the two guys were going to have to go on a wild goose chase all around the island until they were found. So to be on the safe side, he held his sword tight once again and deftly carved the four letters T-O-W-N into the sand as well, hoping that high tide would not wash it away. Life did rather have a tendency of doing that, screwing over the most meticulous of preparations with a single flick of a finger.

Slotting his sword back into its holder, (it was built into the armour and hardly resembled a sheath,) Davion hurried along to catch up with the other two, figuring he must have looked rather odd as a Dark Knight chasing after White Magi. More often than not, it was the other way round, but then that was after stereotyping came into the picture after all.
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