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Default Re: I have a question

Korea is BIG on Online Gaming, such as MMORPGs and Online matches in games such as StarCraft. Xbox Live should be no exception. Koreans of all ages can get addicted so easily, because it is human nature for others to effect what you do, and others are playing all the time. Here's something for you to think about. Most MMORPGs are Korean-made or helped made by Koreans. Maplestory, FlyFF, Trickster Online, and SilkRoad Online are 4 games that I can think of right off the bat that are Korean made.

I don't know why they're specifically targeting Korean children that are under the age of 14, but I think it might be because of legal purposes. Getting children addicted to online gaming could ruin their lives. I don't know much about the Korean legal system, but I can tell that they don't want grades to drop or their children to get addicted. Addicts everywhere else go farther than they should anyway. I can recall my brother telling me about how some people have played WoW and "forgot to eat". And, one of his former guild mates died because of some kind of brain blockage caused by stress that could of been related to the guild breaking up. Also, my brother used to be in a major raiding guid (best in the server, in fact). He didn't like it, and there was dispute right around TBC, so the guild almost died (but the person I mentioned before did die), and has only re-emerged recently. My brother and a few other people went to form another guild. Things didn't work out (again), and everyone left. Some went to go form his current guild. Others joined other guilds. Right now, his current guild raids 2 to 5 times a week. That's right. Not a freaking 6 or 7 day per week raiding schedule, like some hardcore Korean gamers.

If you still don't understand anything I've said, feel free to PM me. I know far too much about Korea and Korean culture because of the people around me. Not trying to be racist in this thread. I'm just explaining to you that Korea is (in)famous for it's excessive gaming.
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