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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Davion Sargtlin
Besaid Island

The two males were hardly being very useful at the moment, one remaining asleep and the other just not talking. It was quite sad really, but what could he do if they wanted to be like such? So he left them alone and turned his attention towards the pair of White Magi that actually were awake and talking, ready to answer any of their queries and stop them from going hysterical as they appeared rather likely to. Maybe it was typical of White Magi, he could not possibly know, but those in the games tended to present themselves differently, probably because they either had a mysterious legacy, a love to fulfil, or were just born ready to be heroines.

"Pleased to meet you Raine. Anyway, I sure hope we're all from Earth, because if non-Earthlings can speak English as well, I'm more than ready to call my conspiracy theorist. I'm Singaporean."

There was no point being too panicky in situations like these, because even if they panicked, there was no way to resolve the situation. It was what he called 'an absolute waste of adrenaline.' Davion, for one, believed that if there was only one option to be made, then he should stop considering and simply go ahead with it. It cut back on a lot of grief on his part, and it was what stopped him from going crazy when he found out he was on Besaid Island.

"I wonder... Maybe we should go further inland? Maybe we'll even get to meet some blitzballers."

It was times like these that many wondered how Davion could still be so amused. It was in fact due to the idea that he was going to see blitzballers in real life, and he could actually ask them how the heck they survived playing underwater.
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