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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

Wow, I didn't see a post like that coming. Nice recovery!

Shaomon and I crawled in the direction of Frimon's whine. When we saw the group of three our view still wasn't very good. I didn't want to come out of the tall grass and risk being spotted, so I put up with this position for now. Armadillomon and Frimon had their backs to us, and were talking to someone that was lying in the shadow of a large arbutus tree.

"But I want the other human now," Frimon whined audibly. "This one's a pushover."

Armadillomon swatted the back of Frimon's head with his tail. "Quiet," he whispered, loud enough for us to hear it, "You didn't want Adam back there, so you're going to have to have this human now." I wondered how he had found out my name.

"Please? I'll make a deal with Shaomon," Frimon persisted, "We can trade humans!"

"Humans aren't toys Frimon," lectured Armadillomon, "You can't just swap them like school lunch treats!" Did digimon have school, or was Armadillomon just making references to things that happened in the real world?

I snickered in the bushes, remembering how Frimon had said before that he had a better human waiting for him. For a few moments I absorbed the grudge that I had been feeling against Frimon. Even if Armadillomon didn't want us switching partners I would be glad to get rid of Shaomon. But, I might hold onto him just to spite Frimon some more.

Who was this other human that Armadillomon had found, anyway? I couldn't get a good view of him, because the two digimon as well as the orange-barked tree blocked him. I could only see the back of his head and shirt. His hair was a little shorter than my own, and seemed to be sandy-blonde in colour, but I couldn't tell because of the shading. He wore a shirt similar to the one I was wearing as well.

"Sure we can swap humans," Frimon continued, determined to get me rather than this new person. "If I can convince the humans to swap to will you let us?"

Armadillomon hit Frimon with his tail again. "I'll have no more of this talk," he demanded, "It's destiny which human you end up with. That's why I had to search round the world to find the perfect matches for this human pair!"

"If you searched round the world to match us up yourself," Frimon paused, thinking over the statement in his head, "Then how was destiny involved in the choices?"

"Well it," Armadillomon faltered. "It was destiny that I had gone to search for you and," now confused himself, Armadillomon had to think everything over in his mind. "And it was destiny that led me to you two."

Frimon grumbled some gibberish under his breath. "Well maybe it was destiny that you would pair us up wrong and we'd have to switch partners too..." The small cat crawled over to whoever was behind the arbutus and tried to find out more about him.

Armadillomon turned around and started to head back into the woods, likely going to retrieve Shaomon and I. We'd need to make it back to the spot before he did.
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