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Talking Re: The Shadow Eaters

Sign Up:

Name: Harry R. Jirok

Age: 15

Appearance -Basicley a has stuff from Digiomons Tai and KH Riku,he has Riku's hair,Tai's googles,Riku's Shirt,Tai's Shorts,has blue eyes and a irth mark on his back that he thinks looks like a Giaraffe Racking Leaves

Bio/History -He is a kid from Shinnoh,he decided to go to Jhpto but he got on the Wrong ship and ended up in Hoen,he decided to just go with the flow and stay here,he has the Spirit of a Arcanune and can sommun one if in deep trouble,he is also some times a perve and is a geniose when it's for something he wants and can telepathicley talk with Pokemon

Reason for being Hired:He is tough,and can fool anybody,basicley he is a scaredy wimp who is just a normal wannabe champion,he fooled the Goverment in Shinnoh and even got there info on this and knew he had to stop them,and save the shadow's

Pokemon: Monferno,Noctowl,Pichu,Jigglypuff,Exeggutor,and a Munchlax

The secret is the answer
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