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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

It had been another humdrum day for me. School had finished for the day, my friends and I had played some basketball, and I had once again failed to work up the courage to ask Saira out. The weather was, as per usual in Seattle Washington, cloudy. And so, being unable to go outside and enjoy myself in the bleak weather, I was stuck helping my parents out in the restaurant. And for me, that meant dishes. Scrub one, scrub two, scrub three, just keep on scrubbing. In fact, where it not for what was going to happen to me in a matter of seconds, the day would probably have been worth nothing. See, I was taking a break from my dish washing, playing video games, when the room suddenly became a whole lot darker. What little light had been shining from behind the clouds had vanished, replaced with an eerie chill. I merely assumed that the clouds had just gotten thicker, and I got off of the couch, turned around, and walked over to the light switch. Now, normally those details would have been considered minor, but this is a special case. Because when I turned back around, there was an over-sized gray lizard on my couch, observing the television and the game with great interest. Naturally, I screamed. Naturally, the hustle and bustle of the restaurant, which happened to be attached to the side of the house, drowned it out. Except for the lizard, who turned around and said “Hello.” in a mainly emotionless but still somewhat friendly voice. And not fake friendly either, you know, like the bad guys in crappy anime shows do when they pretend to be good guys, but real friendly. He didn't smile though. That's what made it seem all the more convincing. If he was evil, trying to trick me, he would have smiled, that I'm sure of. He stood up, walked over to me, and bowed. Unsure of what to do, I simply bowed back.

“There is no reason for you to bow to me Master.” That caught me off guard. Not the no bowing thing, but the fact he called me master.
“You're one of those Digimon things that they keep talking about on the news, aren't you?” I asked. He didn't look like the giant monsters attacking various cities and making Godzilla look like Tokyo's friend, and he was certainly not as bloodthirsty as the media made Digimon out to be, but normally you don't have giant lizards talking to you and calling you master.
“Yes, as a matter of fact I am.” He still didn't show any sort of emotion when he talked. “Although don't ask me how you humans figured out that that's what we're called. I'm guessing some random Digimon mentioned it at some point. I am ShadowAgumon. And I take it you're Cole?”
“Yeah, that's me. How do you know my name?” I asked again. I had a feeling that the questions were getting annoying to ShadowAgumon, but he didn't show it. Still.
“I was sent here to find you. Now come on. I dont know how long it will be until he figures out where you are too.” ShadowAgumon grabbed my hand at this point and began pulling me along. Since he was twice my strength and I didn't particularly want to annoy him too much, I went ahead and walked with him, calmly telling myself that it was cool that a Digimon was kidnapping me, provided I didn't die. To pass the time, more questions.
“Who are you talking about? There are others coming after me?”
“Yes. Just one though, some punk who thinks he's he coolest thing since ice. I've got to get you out of here before he finds you, because if he does, we're all in deep trouble.”
“And exactly why would we be in deep trouble?”
“Well, for one thing, you're one of the seven keys that can save the Digital World, and my purpose is to help you with that. If the other one gets to you, then he can turn you to the side of Darkness, and then we'll all be doomed.”
“Oh. Now I get it.” I didn't get it. There were still a million questions running through my mind, but since I had just said “I get it” without realizing it, I couldn't exactly ask them all without looking like an idiot. There was one that I felt was safe to ask though. At this point we were outside, in the middle of a surprisingly empty street. It was still light out (figuratively speaking of course, the clouds made it dark as night, but it was only about four), so where was everyone? The people in the restaurant were there, but everyone else was gone. I looked into the sky and saw why. I had assumed the clouds had merely blocked out the sun, but instead a landscape had simply taken it's place. A very large landscape, about the size of a continent. Everyone must have been scared off because of it. Still, I had one non-idiotic question left in me and I was going to ask it. “Who's 'the other guy'?”

“That would be me.” A cold voice came from behind a nearby building. A figure then followed it. It appeared to be a dog. Of sorts. Like ShadowAgumon, it was clearly a Digimon, as dogs don't generally stand on two feet or lack fur, requiring them to wear a fur coat. This one's fur and skin happened to be pure white, with a small blue symbol in the middle of his stomach. “I am ShineGabumon, and you, my friend, have been tricked by this... incompetent. He is the evil one, not me. I have come to rescue you.” But ShineGabumon was clearly a bad actor. I could hear the lying in his voice, the evil in his eyes. He may have been quiet, but ShadowAgumon was clearly much nicer than this guy.
“Back off furball. The Master is coming with me, to his proper destiny.” ShadowAgumon looked angrily at ShineGabumon. “You have no right to take him from that.”
“But I am Cole's destiny. He and I are meant to be partnered. I was sent by my Master to offer him this place at his side. Think about it Cole. Power. Strength. Wisdom. All yours. If you join me, help my Master, and work by my side, he can give you all of that and more, anything your heart desires.” Okay, tempting offer there. Really tempting. It was unbelievable how tempting that offer was. But then again, if ShineGabumon's Master was really offering all of that, then chances were this was just the generic villain's offer to switch sides, and by doing it, I may be gaining much, but I'd be losing my honor, and the respect of all others. Let's see, Light and honor, or Darkness and everything my heart desired. Light or Dark. Honor or desire. It was painful. Everything in my heart was telling me to ignore the offer, but everything in my brain was telling me to accept it. I didn't know what to do. This little crisis of what to do was marked even more by the fact that in the little movements of a heated conversation that would lead to fighting, we had all ended up moving down the street towards an intersection, in other words, a crossroads. How fitting, especially considering how ShadowAgumon was on one street and ShineGabumon was on another. I only slightly registered this, however, as my mind was in conflict with itself. I barely noticed the location, the fact that the two Digimon had lunged at each other, in a battle to the death over me (something that ordinarily I would have enjoyed the idea of), that they were perfectly matched, or that there was a shining beam of light headed straight for me. The Digimon didn't notice either, too busy trying to kill each other, and I was very nearly struck by it. It hit the ground right in front of me, and I kneeled down in my daze to look at it.

Barely, I registered that it was some sort of device, almost like a Gameboy, and that it was white with the buttons being gray. Had I been really paying attention and Saira had been around, I would have noted at her, being an artist, pointing out that it was an absolutely neutral gray, equidistant from black and white on the spectrum. I didn't notice this, however, too caught up in my indecision. Such a choice should have been easy for me to make. Honor was everything, as was good. But then, power was also good, and it could only come from darkness. I picked up the device, and began randomly pressing buttons. It made a beeping sound, loud enough to distract the digimon. They looked over at me and saw what I was doing.
“Master, no! It's not time yet!” ShadowAgumon yelled.
“Cole, wait, you need to choose first!” ShineGabumon yelled as well. At that precise moment, I hit another button, and the ground beneath the three of us began to glow, a perfect circle in the middle of the crossroads.
“ShineGabumon, you're gonna have to help me out on this, I wasn't paying atttention when it was being explained to me. What's happening?” ShadowAgumon called to his opponent over the din that the circle was generating.
“The Digivice is what's happening you idiot!” ShineGabumon called back. “It's opening up an interdimensional portal linking this world to the Digiworld, and we're all being sucked through!” Meanwhile I was still thinking. I couldn't decide. The conflicting thoughts bounced against each other, creating more and more confusion within me as the two Digimon ran over to me. I looked at them as the portal slowly began to suck us in.
“Master, you have to choose, now! If we go through the portal and you haven't, your conflicting thoughts will tear you apart. It'll destroy you!” and then two thoughts hit me at the same time, both perfectly clear, both simultaneous, and that's what did the trick.
Saira would want me to choose light
He said I could have anything. That would include Saira.
And with that I fell over, towards ShadowAgumon, who caught me. Weakly, I cracked open my eyes and looked into the blackness of the portal that surrounded us. He smiled, the first emotion he had shown to me. Then he looked over at ShineGabumon with a triumphant smile on his face, and gasped.

OOC: Sorry I took so long to post, but I've been absolutely and completely swamped. I tried to catch up as best I could in one post. And I promise I'll be active now, I've cleared away some of the crap that was keeping me away.
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