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Default Favorite Disney Movie

We're all heard of Disney, we've all watched their movies (At least most of us o.O)

So why not have a favorite? Be it the old classics like The Little Mermaid you enjoyed as a child, or the newer, more thrilling movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean?

For me, my favorite classic as a child, which was the first movie I actually sat through without falling asleep was Lion King. For my entire preschool and kindergarten years every day when I came home I forced my dad to pop it in the VCR. Without a doubt my favorite Disney movie.
After my Lion King phase I was big into 101 Dalmations, which I still find attractive every now and then, but Lion King get's my first vote.
Last but not least, Pirate of the Caribbean (of course) I never got to see the third movie, but I watch the first movie often, still.
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