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Default Re: Pokemon: In The End

OOC: Sorry, I was in bed.

"Aaron! Put me down!" Gardevoir shrieked. She and Aaron had been flying for only ten minutes, and Gardevoir had been yelling the entire time.

"We're almost there," Aaron calmed her, "Just relax. See? We're here." Gardevoir looked down at what used to be the ruined Pokemon Center.

"That's not-"

"Yes it is, someone mst've rebuilt it," Aaron smiled slightly, "In a very odd style." Aaron looked at Pidgeot, who was circling the sky.

"Should we go on down?" Aaron murmured.

"Yes! Yes!" Gardevoir exclaimed. Aaron nodded and allowed Pidgeot to dive downward.


Shadow was waiting just outside the resterant (Bad spelling), she was leaning against the wall as Ash walked out. Shadow smiled and gently gave Ash a playful push.

"Hey, kid," Shadow said softly, "It's nice to see you around again."
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