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Default Re: Pokemon: In The End

"Not at all," Ash answered, giving D'aru a friendly smile. He apparently beat Jonathyn to the answer, for he remained quiet, just giving him an acknowledging smile.

Pikachu, although it spotted the pancakes being placed at the table, wouldn't put down the ketchup bottle.

"Hey Pikachu, don't ya think your hunger would be better served with something that would actually fill you up?" Ash gave his Pokemon's tail a gentle tug, causing it to swat at him.

Jonathyn laughed slightly as the small Lightning mouse wobbled a bit, trying to regain its balance before telling Ash, "I believe Shadow is still upstairs..."

OOC: I don't really know how to explain where she is, since she's not my character. Entei can decide that. ^-^
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