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Default Re: Pokemon: In The End

OOC: xD And, you left out a character in your map thing-a-majiggy


"Long time no see, huh?"

Ash turned around as he heard what sounded like Jonathyn's voice behind him.

A small smile making its way onto his face, he answered, "Yeah. Where've you been all this time?"

"Roamin' the Regions," the older man answered, looking down at Pikachu with a smile. "So, how's that leader thing coming along?"

"It's still pretty weird to me, but, in some sense, okay," Ash answered, sliding into the seat beside Pikachu, who jumped up onto the table, ketchup bottle in its arms.

"Ah, you'll prob'ly get used to it," Jonathyn told him, sitting down on the other side of the table. Looking at Pikachu, he playfully tugged at the bottle, causing it to mumble something in protest and pull away. Jonathyn and Ash laughed before Ash looked around, not seeing the oddly colored Gardevoir he'd by now grown so fond of.

This, of course, prompted him to ask the question, "Where's Shadow?"
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