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Default Re: Pokemon: In The End

Originally Posted by angel_fire View Post
OOC: M'kay... Skye has two rooms? xD Go Skye! And, since you included Jonathyn in the thing, does that mean I should go make a sign up for 'im, or is he just...there?
OOC: Oh S*** I put Skye twice?? Whoops.. oh.. and yeah, Jona is there! He scares you XD..

D'aru looked behind him, as Ash's Pikachu came running into the room, and D'aru smiled.
"Hey there, little guy." D'aru said, crouching down, to pat Pikachu's head, while in the other hand he held a plate of pancakes,"Do you want these pancakes?"
D'aru smiled as he put the plate on the floor in front of Ash's Pikachu, so he could eat them if he wanted.
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