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Default Re: Pokemon: In The End

"That design for the Hyper Beam Cannon was brilliant Ash." D'aru said, grinning,"With one of those built at all 5 of these places, and a few around our Outposts, the Demons won't be able to break through to our Training Ground which is here."
D'aru had pulled out a map, and pointed to an X marked on the map.
The X indicated underneath where they were right now.
"Below ground." D'aru said, before pointing to a stairway near some trees,"That's the only way in, and it'll be guarded by 2 mini Cannons, along with locked doors with passkeys to get in."
D'aru smiled at Ash, before putting the map away.

"You need to go get some rest." D'aru said, smiling, before motioning towards a massive building to his right."That's where your staying."
D'aru started to walk towards the building, and stepped inside.
He was greeted by the smell of fresh pancakes(TYRANNITAR CAN COOK OH YEAH!!), and he smiled, before walking into the restaruant(sp?).
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