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Default Re: Pokemon: In The End

OOC: I just remembered over reading my post in Bio Hazard.. He told you his name there and then XD..

D'aru took the plans, and looked through them.
He let out a sigh, before frowning.
"Hmmm.." D'aru wondered, rubbing his chin, before frowning once more.
He looked over the plans a second time,before looking up at Ash, a frown still on his face.
"Well done." D'aru said, before turning around, and calling to Damanura, who quickly ran over.

"I want you to do as this says." D'aru said, handing the plans to Damanura.
Damanura read the plans, before looking at D'aru.
"So, you want me to build 4 more places like here, and recruit more Tyrannitar?" Damanura asked.
"And the thing on this one." D'aru said, handing Damanura the other paper for the plans, that he hadn't given Damanura straight away.
Damanura read the plans.
"Alright." Damanura said, nodding at Ash, before heading off, after getting 100 Tyrannitar to follow him.
D'aru sighed, and turned back towards Ash, smiling once again.
"Things are pretty hectic here." D'aru said,"And thanks."

Karl looked at Demon Ash.
"Well done Amu." Karl said, a evil smirk on his face,"You have done brilliantly."
Amu bowed, before walking off.
Demon Aaron scowled at Amu, before turning towards Karl.
"What is it Aaru?" Karl asked, but Aaru said nothing, and just shook his head, and walked away.
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