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Default Re: Pokemon- The war of the roses.

Originally Posted by KittenGirl2000 View Post
I'm bored, so i am joining random rps. Reserve me.
Name: Zari
Species: Luxray
Aligment: Red rose, really a spy from White Rose.
Distuinging Marks:
Alright, but you have to start as a Shinx. Come back later and fill the rest in.

Originally Posted by Kaioo View Post
Much better, I see you've improved it, so i give you my personal Thumbs-up .
This may be interesting.
Let you know, I MIGHT join this rp... Not saying I will.. I MIGHT though.

Originally Posted by DarkLugiaMaster Gir View Post
[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Verdana"]Name: Jason
Allignment: White rose
Appearence: Normal except when he sings it's peanut butter butter jelly time he turns yellow
Distinguishing Marks: He has thick black marks likes these on his back---> \ /
\ /
\/ except they don't don't have skips in them
Attacks: Razor wind,Dark Pulse,Shadow Claw,and Theif

Bio: He is an 11 year old who get's into trouble,when a lil kid he had Aladin's story of being a theif and junk,he then met a Todadile who then became his best friend and still are and he loves him as a friend,can also be a perve sometimes...and get's very annoying sometimes

Accepted. But we need more people to join the red rose.

Name: Anth
Allignment: White rose
Appearence: A normal Todadile except when he sings it's peanut butter jelly time he turns purple
Distinguishing Marks: Half red circles around his eyes
Attacks: Watergun,Aqua Tail,Ice Beam,Super Power

Bio: A kid who's parent's were murdered before his eyes and he seeked his revenge since and later meets Jason and they become best friends,cause they act the same acept Jason is a Perve and Anth hides his love feelings and acts stupider as Jason who is more smarter and is more nice but barely nicer,and Anth loves whoever Jason likes secretly...
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