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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

OOC: We're in the heat of the moment, what do you expect?

IC: “You’re a lifesaver!”

"Oui'na famlusa!" I replied.

Dende was right. We'd be fighting forever and we had no supplies, no White Mages or any form of healing whatsoever. As long as the Flan were silenced though, they couldn't hurt us. That was until the effect wore off. I looked around and saw a clear path that lead down to the inside of the Ruins. Knowing that there wouldn't be many fiends in there, I had an idea.

"Theres a straight shot at the ruins." I said pointing to the entrance. "As long as the Flans are Silenced, they can't do and thing but get frustrated. It won't last long though, so I suggest we move it!"

Thats when I was interrupted by not a Flan, but a Skink who had thought better and leapt onto my head and tokk me to the ground. I kicked it over my head and into a rock and got back up on my feet. I picked something up that fell out of my pocket. It was another sphere, but it was different in color and aura. I rather liiked this aura, it was upbeat and fun in some eerie sort of way. I looked at the other girl who had thanked me for the Silence grenade. She wasn't a Thief anymore, but now a Gunner. Why everyone was now a Gunner was beyond me. And when did she get all the items?

Then it began to shine in a light bluish color. My daggers were now gone which put me into a panic. My whole vision went white and I couldn't see anything. I heard some sound like shattering crystal, then everything was back to normal again. I looked at myself. I looked like Yuna as a Songstress, only there were much less furls on my sirt, I had some form of sleeve and I was wearing kapris under a side skirt. Thats when it hit me.

"Oh fit pitys sake! This is ridiculous!" I cried out. "I'm going to be less of help as a Songstress!"

My feet started to move all by themselves as well. Great, now I had little control over this unless I was running. Pefect. I was a sure target and that wasn't going to help anyone. Then I thought back to the game and tried to somehow turn this around. Finally I thouught of something. Using one of my Dance techniques, I could cast all the Silence I want and Darkness to blind the stupid...but that would cost magic energy and I could only do it for so long.

"Alright, time for a dance lesson!" I blurted out, realizing how tacky that sounded after it came out.

I started to dance around a little bit on the spot. What was bad about this is that I hated dancing in front on people.

"Samba of Silence!"
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