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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

OOC: You guys post too fast... X.x;;;

Loki 'Draconifer' Galeon
Zanakarnd Ruins

prelude to REALITY2

Loki soon got her response.

"Yes, that’s been established and since we just got here, I'd like to not die!” the lavender-tinted haired elder exclaimed, “So, come on and help please!"

Gunshots were firing in the distance. The woman whom was unconscious earlier suddenly got up with amazing speed, asked them to follow her as she went over the ruins towards the source of the commotion. With little choice, the Galeon followed the elder woman to a clearing where a guy with silver hair and donning a Gunner-like suit standing in the middle, shooting endlessly with his guns – raining bullet hell upon the crowd of Blue Flans gathering around him. The woman – a sniper more than a Gunner – headed to the top of a craggy ruin to serve as a vantage point for her rifle. Without further ado and melodrama, she then quickly shot one of them into a mess of pyreflies.

“I got your back, buddy,” she called out rather loudly as she flashed out a thumbs up sign at the man’s direction before more Flans began to pile in by the dozen.

The female Galeon groaned inwardly. Great. I only have these freaking daggers – its not like I can do anything worthwhile… then she remembered – couldn’t she just change her Dressphere…?

But how? The teenager wondered before shaking her head in frustration. Gah, forget about all the details – its time to kick some jello butt!

With that, the girl drew out her daggers and leapt into the fray.

Very bad choice.

Loki had next to no knowledge about battling, except for her few crash courses by the bullies in her school. As the two Gunners fired a rain of bullets upon the fiends, the Galeon herself tried to attack the Flans, but to no avail. The blades had little to no effect on the jelly-like fluid that it compassed itself with, and only caused the teenager to wince at little at the cold, slimy goop that coated her arm. The endless gunshots also did not help much to ease her throbbing ears.

Gah, I need something helpful here! The annoyed teenager thought to herself. Like Gunner or Warrior, at least…!

Luckily for the young Galeon, her desperate wish came true. In that moment of desperation, her subconscious had instinctively activated her Gunner Dressphere. There was a pulse, and then the daggers in her hands suddenly shattered. Loki looked in shock, but before she could say or do anything else, her clothes started to glow in a binding white light as the glare encompassed her entire form. Her Bermudas shifted, growing shorted all of a sudden, as black leather riding boots now covered her feet. Her sheathes transformed into holsters, now each holding handguns with great firepower. Then the glow faded, and the Galeon now appeared in her Gunner form. Instinctively, the young adult knew what she had to do.

Whipping out both her guns – one sliver and the other jet-black – Loki leaped into the air as she let loose a round of bullets upon the Flans. They all pierced through the soft bodies, the fiends roaring with anger as they charged angrily towards the Galeon. Loki, however, being the ever impulsive one, started to dive back into the enemy crowd, shifting rapidly back to her Thief Dressphere form again. Her daggers flashed under the flare of pyreflies as her blades embedded swiftly into a Flan, the fiend roaring as it dispersed into a mass of pyreflies. Without wasting more time, the teen made use of the natural ‘Steal’ ability to swipe some things from the various Flans – Bomb Fragments, Electro Marbles, Antarctic Winds, Aqua Scales…

“Element Lesson 101: Fire is weak against Ice!” the impulsive Galeon yelled as she tossed an Antarctic Wind into one of the Fire Flans. The red flan shrieked as water burst from within it and soon the creature became a mere mass of pyreflies. Then a loud explosion rocked the skies, and the raven-haired girl noticed that the creatures were silenced.

"Ha! Huf fa ryja dra ibban ryht! But the Silence won't last for long guys!" exclaimed the other Thief.

“You’re a lifesaver!” the girl couldn’t help but yell back as she threw an Electro Marble to an Aqua Flan.

This was going to be one heck of a long battle…


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