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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

The boom which resounded off the fallen walls rung in Dende's ears like an alarm. She'd been so wrapped up in saving this new fellow that she had forgotten to track the movement of her previous company. She frowned as another Flan splattered her with goo, but turned to the newcomer with a quick huff and started to measre all the options she had.

"There are others left behind that ridge, and by the sounds of it, they're in trouble" she scowled as he fired a few more bullets. "we're gonna need to get away from this peksy flock, or try a different method of assault" she groaned as another Flan approached her, her white-haired compadre' finishing it off.

There was no real way to solve this. The time and bullets it took to kill a Flan was irritating, besides all of he damage they were sustaining would not be repaired so easily with the single potion Twyla managed to snag before. She blinked, then reached into her pocket. Could she? She was unsure of how the dressphere system did function due to her clouded memory and scattered thoughts, but hoped possibly that with the use of them, there was an easier way.

"Do we dare?" Dende held the orb tightly as the tall man looked over at its shining surface.

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