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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Davion Sargtlin
Besaid Island

Taking Rose's hand in his own, Davion took care not to be all too firm about it, as he was certainly not used to the strength he had right now, or the metallic armour that he was wearing. Simply put, he was afraid that he would crush the girl's hand if he even put any effort into it at all, which was rather annoying, once things like etiquette came into the picture. Nonetheless, he still shook her hand, figuring that as a White Mage, she could probably heal herself anyway.

"I'm Davion. Pleased to meet you Rose."

Releasing her hand, the Dark Knight turned to the seas that surrounded the entirety of Besaid Island, cupping his armoured hands and filling them up with seawater. After that, he did what any male teenager would do to a person who was sleeping longer than he was due, and that was to splash the water all over his face. He would be waking up soon enough, that much was for sure, or he would just pick him up and dip him into the sea, a method of rousing a sleeping person that had never failed yet.

"Anyway, judging from our situation and the possessions we carry with us, that being the dressphere, I can assume that we were all thrust into this situation by means of a contest that apparently we all won, which brought along a message that told us to wait for the new dawn."

Ignoring such things like how exactly they all reached dawn at the same time despite the obvious differences in time all around the world, and how they were not all from the same nation, Davion continued to let his mind run, thinking through about exactly what to do next. By normal RPG standards, the only way to escape from a different world was via the completion of some harebrained quest or another, which he assumed was what they would have to go through in time. For now however, they had not even encountered a single fiend yet, and Davion was not exactly sure whether that was boon or bane.

"If we consider the nature of the contest, I can assume that the dressphere we created is enmeshed in this whole scenario, although I have no idea how to access the grid to change the spheres we are using at the moment. Also, if we take a bit of a leap in logic, there were definitely more than us five winners of the contest, and so I can probably make a guess and say that there is at least one other group who are stranded elsewhere on Spira like us. I would suggest we go ahead and find them, but I have no idea where they would be."
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