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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

IC: My companion and I reached the meadow where Armadillomon was meeting with someone. Hiding behind a wide tree I occasionally peeked around to try and figure out who was there. Crouching low to the ground made it difficult for me to see them through the tall grass. Being so short normally, Shaomon couldn't see well other. To get a better look he darted into the vegetation without even asking. The long grass shifted noticeably as the dog made his way towards the others in the field.

In a stream, the golden-green grass parted, revealing Shaomon's general movements. The dog had lost its way and was carrying on in a continuous circular fashion. I hoped Armadillomon wouldn't be too upset after he discovered we were spying on him. Curiousity wasn't something I should be punished for anyway, maybe Shaomon, but not me. It's going to take a miracle for that animal to get close to the others unnoticed, I though gloomily.

Here the ground felt dry, a very clear difference from the area we had just left. My hands formed cracks in the earth when I only put slight weight on them. Once I began crawling into the field a cloud of dust stirred up underneath me. Fighting the urge to sneeze I scanned around the area for Shaomon. He couldn't be spotted yet. For a split-second I popped my head out of the grass to try and get a hint on where my partner had gone. A couple feet to my left the grass stirred, hopefully it was the mutt. Just as Armadillomon turned to face me I ducked below the grass.

Darn it, I thought angrily, I should have paid attention on who Armadillomon was talking to than that dumb mongrel. A snapping twig reminded me of the importance of stopping Shaomon right now, Dog first, mole later.

Pushing a thick patch of the weeds aside revealed my 'new pet'. He was still caked in a crisp layer of dried mud from the nose down. He yapped excitedly, "There you are, I got lost! I slapped a hand over his mouth and with me other free arm pulled him to my side. As he was struck in the face a dirty cloud formed from his filthy fur. He struggled to escape my grip at first but soon calmed down. Dropping him to the ground upon his rear, I made a shushing gesture with my lips and finger.

Shaomon nodded vivaciously, his stubbed tail and legs rigid. After he gave a playful (though feeble) salute his stern expression lifted and he spontaneously returned to his normal gay state. Now he seemed more active than ever. This mission was all a game for him. If we get caught I'm blaming the entire affair on him, I decided. Unsuspecting my back-up plan, the pup's tail wagged as ferociously as ever and his eyes gleamed childishly.

Motioning to move in, I quietly reminded Shaomon that we had to stay quiet. He slid along the ground like a guerilla soldier, except for the fact that his over-excited tail was whipping up a miniature sandstorm in my eyes. As we grew closer to the other two digimon and their strange friend, it grew obvious that Frimon was complaining about something.
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